Rebirth of the Scala theatre in Paris

Photos: Sabine Hartl & Olaf- Daniel Meyer
Client: La Scala, Frédéric Biessy
Publication: Press, website, PR, documentation, archiv

It is the rebirth of the Scala theatre in Paris, build in 1874. It was originally a café-concert hall, later a music hall and a cinema, most recently for pornographic films. It was purchased in 2000 by a sect as a prayer hall, but it was never used for this.

Now the building has been purchased by Mélanie et Frédéric Biessy, who have hired us to capture its atmosphere and state before and after renovation. In the existing building, we found traces of several trespassers of the past 17 years, both human and animal. This is witness of a place full of life and attraction for Parisien revellers. The reopening as a theatre is planned for 2018.