Jaspé & Kasar by Teo Cabanel Parfums

Film+ Photo: Sabine Hartl & Olaf-Daniel Meyer
Art Direction: Patrice Boulat-Massoteau
Client: Teo Cabanel Parfums
Model: Sébastien
Distribution: Campaign POS cinema fair etc.

When NAPOLÉON set his heart on Fontainebleau and made it his favourite residence, little did he know Teo Cabanel would chose to name two new fragrances for men after his mascott horses, JASPÉ and KASAR, stalled in what would become the French equestrian capital. But what is more natural? This imperial, equestrian city is so rich in olfactive experiences: sensual leathery scents of horse bridles joining with the wild herbal scents of the surrounding Fontainebleau forest.