La Scala Paris

13, boulevard de Strasbourg  Paris, 10e

Photos: Sabine Hartl & Olaf- Daniel Meyer

Client: La Scala, Paris

Mélanie Biessy & Frédéric Biessy

Publication: Press, site web, PR, documentation, archive

La Scala was reanimated by the couple Mélanie and Frédéric Biessy. As a result of all efforts the new Scala can accommodate around 900 people in its new walls and finally come back to life.The Scala Paris was born from the ambition of Melanie and Frederic Biessy to design with the creators of today, all artistic disciplines, the powerful tool they expected. In collaboration with professionals like Richard Peduzzi, Philippe Manoury, Rudi Meyer, Oliver Schmitt,to name a few,
they created a magic environment for all arts.Creative place in the heart of the capital , PARIS
A modular room with 550 seats open to all publics and all artists. Happy birthday to you, Scala!